John Cook Writes

Crackers A play by John Cook





Cast Size

1 Female
5 Male


45 Minutes

Target Audience

This play is appropriate for ages 13 +

Crackers A play by John Cook


Present day.  In a major Canadian city.


Eric, a fifty-year-old scarlet macaw enjoys reading the paper that lines his cage and watching his favourite daytime soap opera. Then young green amazon parrot Salvador shows up and occupies the cage next to him. Salvador is not at all happy and constantly complains to Eric. Eric tries to ignore him, but then begins to suspect that Salvador is much more than the whining boarder he purports to be.

Independent Companies

Rates for Independent companies will be at the industry standard.

Community theatres

Applications for the amateur (community theatre) rights to John Cook’s plays are administered through The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC).