John Cook Writes

The Roof Top Guy Play

The Rooftop Guy

The Rooftop Guy



Cast Size

1 Female
2 Male


40 Minutes

Target Audience

This play is appropriate for ages 13 +

The Roof Top Guy Play


Present day.  In a major Canadian city.


It’s Monday morning.  Dave Bourning, a despondent employee at the Department of Instruments and Measurements (DIM) is believed to have jumped off the rooftop of a tall office building.  Within an hour, his obviously distraught and saddened colleagues proceed to raid his office and pick it clean, including his collection of over one hundred fish figurines. The fallout from this brings out the best and worst of his fellow workers.

Independent Companies

Rates for Independent companies will be at the industry standard.

Community theatres

Applications for the amateur (community theatre) rights to John Cook’s plays are administered through The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC).