John Cook Writes

Why Produce John's Plays?

For all ages (13+)

John’s philosophy is to entertain the audience, without the use of excessive profanity or adult content, while at the same time presenting plays that invoke thought and discussion as you leave the theatre.

Economical productions

Affordable rates: Applications for the amateur (community theatre) rights to John’s plays are administered through The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC). The PGC will charge the standard amateur rates unless the production seems to be at a professional level. PGC will then discuss a higher semi-professional rate with the playwright or pass the rights request onto the playwright.

Rates for Independent companies will be at the industry standard.

Simple set: Most of the plays are written with a simple set in mind (which the director may elaborate upon if desired).

Minimal cast requirements: The cast size is generally small, except in the case of the Murder Mystery plays which rely on a large number of characters to make the plot more interesting.  The Radio Shows are flexible in cast, depending on how many voices the director wants each actor to portray.

Variety of Plays

John has written plays in a range of formats: Full length, One-Act, Ten-Minute, Radio Shows and Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. Examples:

  • That’s What Friends Are For A one-act romantic comedy/drama about the search for meaningful relationships
  • The Rooftop Guy A one-act comedy about the antics of federal government workers, vying for coveted office furniture.
  • Crackers A one-act comedy about two parrots (need I say any more?)
  • Hold the Phone A ten-minute play about a blind date highjacked by over-zealous and interfering friends.
  • Miracle on 34th Street: The Radio Show* A full-length adaptation of the novel by Valentine Davis. *in collaboration with Teri Loretto-Valentik and Nicole Milne.
  • Portrait of Murder A full-length murder mystery dinner theatre production about get-rich-quick schemes, stolen art, suspicious land deals, jealously, and deception – all the elements for a perfect picture of murder.